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Amanda "Manda" Kolen
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United States
I am a 21 year old cis woman with a passion for watercolor surrealism and digital photography. I'm just getting a fresh start on a new account (I had one in my early teens but I recently deactivated it it held some memories that are not so good) and am getting ready to sell my art and do commissions.

I live in Chadron, Nebraska. I'm majoring in Family Consumer Science with an emphasis(minor) in design and merchandising. I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for over 3 years.

If you wish to contact me I am on my tumblr more often than I am on here so you it will be more likely for me to respond to you there.

if you wish to help get me art supplies here is my supplies wishlist on amazon



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Pencil/Ink sketch
Head to bust
bgs are extra
choose ink or pencil (pencil includes shading)
please provide references for small fandoms and ocs
Pencil/ink sketch(waist to full body)
bgs extra
provide clear/legible refs for ocs please
one color watercolor sketch
head to waist
provide clear/legible refs for ocs please 
multicolor watercolor sketch
no ink outline (pencil sketch may be seen through watercolor)
no bg
provide clear/legible refs for ocs please
head to thighs
full body not availble
one color +black inking watercolor sketch
head to thighs
Full body not availble
provide clear/legible refs for ocs please
Multicolor +outline watercolor sketch
No bg
head to thighs
provide refs for OCs and small fandoms 
Portrait of Femme Presenting character (full color with bg)
One character only
If it is an original character (or a small fandom character like Tanpopo) please provide quality refs and description of colors/flowers/objects/clothing/personality and feeling

contact me for more info 
Landscape (no animals/humans) (choose colors and choose scene)
pick a landscape and pick your colors and I'll paint you a landscape with those


I will be painting during this stream
my mic and cam are on but  i may move to mic only so I can read the chat (my laptop has to be at a weird angle to see my board and I cant see my screen that well)
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I tried playing around with what I could do in photoshop and this is the result

The premium content downloadable also includes the png file AND the unedited photograph.
I'm gonna start this off with a disclaimer. I believe everyone is creative/has a creative side. I believe you should explore your creativity...but some stuff is just really not okay... What you create shouldn't harm yourself or other people. Now I'm definitely NOT talking about vent art/writing, I'm talking about pieces that are homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/racist or trivialize the struggles of minority groups. I'm not going to get to deep into that topic because I am not as eloquent as other people and you would likely be best searching for the information on your own.


10. Start out with cheap supplies. I've found that practicing techniques with cheaper supplies allows you to get acquainted with the medium you are using without blowing your money and deciding you don't like it later on. This mostly applies to traditonal art. Digital art is a bit different but the same rule applies. Try out that free app on your phone/tablet first THEN think about the $50+ program and $100+ tablet. Pencils are generally the only thing I don't recommend going cheap on especially if you are using mechanical pencils there is such a wide variety of the sizes of pencils (and lead sizes to some degree). But Pentel brand leads and pencils have been the most reliable and sturdiest.

9. It's okay to have "phases" especially when you are young. What I mean by "phases" is purposely imitating one specific style/person's art. I'm very guilty of this and I'm sure a lot of big artists will tell you the same thing. Heck even adults go through these. Look at Camilla d'Errico's Helmetgirls and then look at her more recent pieces there is a stark difference. Your style will always be changing embrace it.
8. Take criticism and critique with a grain of salt. I'm not saying don't listen to other artist's comments, I'm saying you shouldn't take everything negative as a personal insult or a put-down. I was extremely sensitive to critique due to my anxiety when I first started college and had my first college level art course. I actually ended up almost failing that class because in class critiques hit me really hard (there was an absence policy and I basically skipped a lot more classes than I should of because I didn't want to deal with it). Generally, people are trying to help you improve and the ones that are just being mean to be mean are pretty easy to spot (look for no explanations on why it's bad or tips to fix the mistakes generally bullies with say 'this sucks' with no reason why it "sucks")

7. Please PLEASE plz don't buy "how to draw manga" books (especially those by Chris Hart). Why? Reason #1: many of them are cash grab ploys and some are just really bad (compare them your favorite anime/manga to the book you'll understand). Reason #2 They are extremely expensive. Go to the internets find tutorials for free my small friends. (no seriously there are entire blogs dedicated to holding tutorial resources). If you reeeeeeally got to have a physical book I highly recommend the "Shojo Fashion Manga Art School"series by Irene Flores, "Drawing Manga: people and poses" by Ryo Hirata, and "Draw Manga Faces For Expressive Characters" by Aya Hosoi. Another book I recommend is (of course the obligatory), "Pop Manga" by Camilla d'Errico.  Other art books are fine but they can be very expensive so buy wisely and ALWAYS skim before you buy.

6. Tracing can be okay. Now im probably going to get eaten alive if I don't clarify so... tracing is okay to help you figure out how drawing stuff works. BUT OHMYGOD DON'T POST IT AS YOUR OWN...or at seriously changing a piece you traced slightly isn't your own work. I'll admit I traced and posted when I first started digital art and I regret it a lot... Ask a creator if it's okay to post a tracing/coloring before posting it...please guys... (if you want to trace photos and then make a painting from that tracing please change the license on the image search to either public domain or free to modify, share and use commercially just to be safe)

5. Don't push yourself and your body beyond what you can do. Seriously, taking care of yourself should always come first. Don't stay up until 3am drawing you will regret it. EAT SOMETHING!!!!! DRINK WATER!!!! Take breaks and stretch. Take care of yourself plz... 

4. Don't base your entire style on just one person's style. It's not yours...It's theirs... How do I build my own then? you ask. Go through loads and loads of art. Go to museums look through online archives and art websites. Study each artist's style. Pick out ONE thing you like about that artist's style and try incorporating it into your current style. Building a style takes a long time and often if you start looking you can see where artist's pull from each other. (anime was actually inspired by early american animation)

3. Art Block is gonna happen...don't fight it. It will only frustrate you. Take a break. Do some yoga. Go for a walk. WALK AWAY FOR A BIT!!!! Art Prompts can only do so much and I've found many of my art blocks aren't caused by a lack of ideas. Often they are caused by me noticing a particular flaw and trying over and over and over to get it right. If you are getting upset it's time to walk away and do something else.
2. Build a reference library/corner/folder/collage etc. Put things that inspire you to create in that space. This can include everything from art books to plushies. For example, my reference shelf sits next to my desk. It holds my art books, my manga collection, mineral specimens (read pretty shiny rocks) sailor moon proplicas and figurines, and my favorite movies and tv shows. This place should be filled with things you care about and enjoy and everyone's will be unique. If you dont have a lot of space making a pinterest account or simply having a folder of cool images that inspire you. One thing you really shouldn't do is put one of your own creations there.

1. your probably expecting a "have fun!!!111!!! =)" but art is fun anyway so... PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!! Good art doesn't happen over night you have to work. Think about your creative skills as a muscle, the more healthy training and stretching the stronger your skills will get. By "healthy" I mean not pushing yourself beyond your capabilities. This will lead to garunteed art block and potential wrist and hand injuries (stretch your wrist and fingers guys plz tedonitis isnt fun and neither is carpal tunnel)
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I will be painting during this stream
my mic and cam are on but  i may move to mic only so I can read the chat (my laptop has to be at a weird angle to see my board and I cant see my screen that well)
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


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